Denver Sharks vs Colorado Pirates Semi-Pro Football Game

I got the opportunity to photography my first ever semi pro football game. It was between the Denver Sharks vs the Colorado Pirates. Shooting football can be a bit difficult, as you have to position yourself in a good place on the field in order to capture the action and be able to capture all the fast paced action as it happens. This game was a fast paced one sided bout with lots of great defense and fast powerful offense. When I arrived at the stadium the Sharks were warming up.

Both the Sharks and Pirates were running drills, running laps, stretching and getting ready for the game.



Denver Sharks quickly scored a touchdown

Pirates tried responding but couldn’t get much offensive yardage, due to the Sharks defense

The Sharks offensive continued to take over and add more points to the scoreboard


Captured some images of the Pirates as well

As hard as the Pirates tried to get offense going, the Sharks defense prevailed every time. A few more images of the Sharks hard hitting defense

Sharks continued to keep the offense rolling

Pirates had one last opportunity to get on the scoreboard but an interception sealed the shutout victory

The Pirates were exhausted and deflated

Players shook hands and the game ended.

Denver Sharks 44, Colorado Pirates 0